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Art. 0135 Professional hacksaw frame with aluminium nandle

Art. 0150L

With it`s elegant and modern execution, the new hacksaw frame of OMAT,completely aluminium die-casting, offers the highest possible functionality in its category.
A handy tool, which does not tire the user with difficult work, despite of its small weight of 650g.
In opposite to this there is the compact, robust total structure of the ultra-modern saw, which withstands all forces, which act on the item during the cutting process.
It features:
- increased cut precision of the blade in straight and 40° position, guaranteed by help of unloosable pins.
- ergonomic form and comfortable use by a soft-rubber hand-and front handle
- the classical OMAT-blade tension in the handle by turning the knob guarantees a maximum tension of the blade of 800N and prevents the loss of the elasticity .
For a never ending use.

Weight: g 650

Art. 0135L-PLUS

Art. 0160L

Hacksaw frame in rectangular finely innovative shaped tube 16x10x1,35 , with aluminium handle , with front part hand support in black plastic “soft touch” sensation, fastening system with aluminium ergonomic turning knob, unloseable fastening screw, 750 N on the blade guarantee.




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